Plastic Hand Trucks – The Lightweight Moving Equipment for First Timers

For first timers, plastic hand trucks are good choices because they are cheap yet still effective. Intended for small business owners and entrepreneurs, these plastic hand carts are great for testing the water before you decide to spend on other more costly moving equipment down the road.

Many prefer using plastic materials nowadays. Plastics are lightweight, durable, not prone to breakage and cost effective. These are just a few of the reasons why hand trucks are available in plastic form already. Hand trucks are very efficient moving equipment tools. They are created to make your moving work easier. These hand trucks have platform on wheels. We all know that wheels are a great help on reducing ground friction thus, enabling us to push and pull things easier. With plastic hand trucks, you will benefit a lot from using them.

Plastic materials are lightweight, so are plastic hand trucks. This is the best advantage of this type of material. Compared to other types of hand trucks, plastics are lighter, making them easy for manual moving. With just a minimum application of power, you can readily push and pull things in just a jiffy. Aside from that, you can easily carry away your hand truck to its storage place because it isn’t heavy. Nonetheless, plastic types are durable because they cannot be easily broken or dented with just a fall. Unlike the other ones like wood types, they can be broken with hard crashes. On the other hand, metals like brass, aluminum and steel may not be broken but they can be dented or susceptible to corrosion.
Plastic hand trucks can also withstand extreme conditions. They cannot rust like metals. In addition, these tools cannot rot like wood. You can also use these as the perfect lightweight luggage carts, see more here.

The price point remains as the best reason why people choose plastic hand trucks. Hand trucks made of plastic are cheap since the manufacturing process doesn’t cost that much. Maintenance for plastic types doesn’t require high expenses too. Moreover, plastics do not need repainting jobs unlike metals and wood. You just need to clean it daily and store it properly. You also don’t have to worry if it is exposed from too much moisture.

Since hand trucks come from different sizes, the weight load capacity for these trucks is also different. Read the prescribed weight each hand truck can carry by talking to experts. Never overload your hand truck as this can lead to potential catastrophe. You might be unable to move it even a bit. The hand truck might also break from the overloading.

You see, hand trucks are really useful. They help us from getting frequent back aches and muscle pain. They also make our work finish ahead of time. For example, you can only carry one luggage at a time with your hands. With a hand truck, you can carry two, three or more. Hand trucks can save you a lot of time!
To choose the best plastic hand trucks, only purchase them from reputable companies such as How would you know that those companies are reputable? Check for their client’s reviews and feedback. Make sure they can also provide expert advice to help you with your choice.

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Plastic Hand Trucks – Are These Good Choices?

In this modern day and age, the usage of plastic has become more and more prevalent. People find plastic more practical to use since it has now a long life span. It is also cheaper, easier to store, and lighter. Because of this, manufacturers of hand trucks paved the way in making plastic hand trucks.

Hand trucks are efficient simple machines which are used for moving several heavy objects. These are typically L-shaped machines usually made from metals, steel or wood. They are composed of three main parts: platform, wheels and handle. Some hand trucks are geared with rubberized rails which keep the objects from slipping and falling.

Aside from these materials mentioned above, plastic has been developed as the material for hand trucks. Due to innovations, these plastic hand trucks are now more durable and can withstand heavier loads. If you are wondering what to purchase, choose plastic.

Why choose plastic hand trucks over wooden and metal ones? Plastic hand trucks are definitely good choices because these are more resistant to the changing weather. Rain or shine, these hand trucks will not decay like wood. They will not easily corrode and rust like metal. They are very strong against moisture unlike the wooden and metal ones.

Plastics are also designed to be more resistant against dents and impacts. When you accidentally bump your hand truck, it will not be easily scratched like wood or dented like metal from the heavy impact since it is made out of plastic. It is also lighter than a wood and metal. Because of this, plastic platforms with heavy load objects are lighter to push and move. You will avoid putting too much strain on your body. You will avoid getting cramps and back aches.

The price of plastic hand truck is also cheaper than the metal ones since the manufacturing process is also less costly than any other type of material for hand trucks. You don’t also need to repaint the plastic platform because the color is a part of the machine when molded. Thus, you will not need to pay for extra fees just because its color has faded.

When choosing and buying plastic hand trucks, I have one crucial tip for you. You need to determine the brand of your choice. Plastic types can also be fragile unless they are made from a reputable manufacturer of hand trucks. Trustworthy companies won’t ever make low quality hand trucks that their customers won’t even like.

It is also recommended to determine the functionality of the hand truck. Check whether it has functional steering wheels. Some are hard to maneuver. Choose ones with rubber grips to avoid hurting your hands when pushing. Pick ones with rubberized side rails to protect your stuff from scratches and falls.

Finally, check the cart’s weight capacity. How many pounds can it carry? This is, after all, the most important aspect you need to consider when purchasing plastic hand trucks.

Check out a full selection of moving equipment here.

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Motorized Stacker: The Best Material Handling Equipment

Most jobs that must be accomplished in a warehouse or factory are related to heavy machinery and this requires robust material handling equipment. It is really challenging to transport heavy and awkward materials. Without the proper equipment, minimizing downtime, handling high volume of materials and preventing injuries could be very tough. Also, the quality of the handling equipment used will dictate efficiency. In most cases, using an inadequate and outdated material handling equipment can lower down productivity under heavy loads.  Most certainly, using improper material handling equipment can be dangerous, time-consuming and as a result, reduce profits. Thus, it is very important that you choose the right material handling equipment.

Motorized stackers and forklift trucks are among the prominent names under material handling equipment. Forklift trucks can do the job but there are couples of downsides in using a forklift. Usually, forklifts are large making it difficult to use in narrow areas and they are also dangerous to operate, especially when there are workers moving around the area. For a person to operate the forklift, he must have a forklift certification and this is pretty much another disadvantage. Using a motorized stacker, instead, would be a better option. Motorized stackers can definitely work even in narrow areas, it is also safer to use even with workers around and no certifications are needed for the operator.

Nowadays, the makers of motorized stacker are bringing more advanced models into the market and also with added features and modified system architecture.  This equipment is made of focus for its one and only purpose which is handling materials.

The new models of motorized stackers also took care of the safety aspect of the handling equipment. Motorized stackers are popular for its durability and currently, it is redesigned to garner good outputs for the owner. The new motorized stacker is not only efficiently designed and smartly structured but it is also very productive. This equipment is ideal for any work sites of any sizes. For small manufacturing units or big warehouses, motorized stacker is the star among all their handling equipment. Because of this, the new motorized stackers are being used by almost all manufacturing units, warehouses, and factories.

Motorized stackers are now diverse because of the varied needs of different sectors. This equipment is very cost effective, simple yet the best in terms of stacking works even at minimum effort. Motorized stackers could definitely work just as efficiently despite the floor condition of the site or the enormous amount of load you’ll place.

As a bonus, this equipment can also be customized depending on your requirements and needs. You can just tell the makers the load size and weight, the floor condition of your site, the work space and the kind of stacking work that you wish your stacker to perform.  They can surely tend to your requirements.

You must not also forget to train the operator of the material handling equipment.  You can find guides and manuals to help you train your operator. Also make sure to get the proper hand truck accessories where necessary.

Choosing the best material handling equipment will allow you to become efficient and productive and in the long run, this could definitely lead to increased profits.

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Does your company regularly move items weighing several hundred pounds?   Does a large capacity hand truck that can carry up to one thousand (1,000) pounds, sound like the option you are researching to purchase?  Does it need to last for years to come?  Does it need to be easily converted from a two (2) wheel upright to a four (4) wheel platform model?  If you answered yes to all of these questions, then the MILWAUKEE 40481 ALUMINUM & STEEL CONVERTIBLE HAND TRUCK is the hand truck to meet the need!

One thousand (1,000) pounds is one half (1/2) ton of product!  Just imagine how much can be accomplished in a day with a giant capacity hand truck.

•    A large load would be manageable.
•     A heavy load would be much lighter.
•    A bulky load is made simpler.
•    A high count product can be moved as one.

As with all hand trucks, caution should be taken while it is in use.  Never overload even the largest of hand trucks.  Always take into consideration the height and width of the item or items to be moved.  Always make sure the load is not too heavy or not too wide at all times.  Safety is always the issue; take care to secure the loads.  The protection of  every  employee is important to every company owner.  With back injury being, perhaps, the number one injury that happens on the job, a large load can cause back injury when safety is not taken into consideration at all times.  The right size and right design is the number one consideration when researching, purchasing and using a heavy duty hand truck like the large capacity models discussed in this post.

The MILWAUKEE 40481 ALUMINUM & STEEL CONVERTIBLE HAND TRUCK is built to last for years and years of service.  It is the right hand truck for the job when a large capacity model is what meets the need and fits the bill as they say.  Loading and operating any hand truck, including the large capacity models, should be done carefully even if it looks easy to handle.  A load can be easily lost on any hand truck when it is not stacked properly and secured.  The large capacity MILWAUKEE 40481 is not an exception to this rule.  When product is loaded properly with the large items on the bottom, gradually, loading according to size up to the smallest product on the top, will pretty much insure easy transport of boxes, books, office equipment or any other stock that needs to be moved or loaded or unloaded.  Always remember to move the hand truck forward with the employee working from behind, securely grasping the handles.  When product is stacked properly and moved slowly, with caution, successful tasks can be accomplished every time!

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Remember the good old days when convertible brought to mind a really cool car?  The top was usually made of something durable like vinyl or canvas?  The top, when in place, looked like a regular car roof.  The trick was that it could be lowered either by hand or by car power into the trunk or behind the back seats.  The results were a car that could be used in all kinds of weather.  There is a convertible hand truck, available on the market today, that is just as flexible and just as cool as those convertible cars from the good old days.

The Wesco 2-4-1 Convertible Hand Truck is that hand truck.   The Wesco 2-4-1 is two hand trucks in one.  It comes in bright orange, known as the safety orange.  It easily converts from a four (4) wheel platform truck model to a two (2) wheel upright hand truck in a flash with little effort.  The quick and easy to use release latch is the secret.  The two (2) wheels, upright position has a load capacity of seven hundred (700) pounds.  The four (4) wheel platform conversion counterpart has a carrying capacity of eight hundred (800) pounds.  Does it sound impossible?  At first glance, may be it does.  This tough hand truck is easily moved from indoors to outdoors with the easy grip handles.  It makes hard jobs simple and big jobs manageable.  The twelve (12) inch pneumatic tires add to the stability of both conversions, the two (2) wheel upright and the four (4) wheel platform position.

The steel frame is strong enough for large loads of all types.  The aluminum handle is strong but does not add pounds to the overall weight of this convertible hand truck making it easy to roll forward or backward.  If storage is a problem in the office, warehouse or on a delivery truck, this Weso 2-4-1 Convertible Hand Truck can be folded into the upright position making it take up less space than the platform position.

Since safety is always a concern when moving product from one place to another, the Wesco 2-4-1 Convertible Hand Truck should be operated within the load capacity guidelines.  The two (2) wheel upright and the four (4) wheel platform version should never be overloaded.  When considering the load capacity, it will allow the product to be moved securely and without any harm coming to the operator.  Safety is always a consideration and should be followed by not overloading the Wesco 2-4-1 Convertible in the upright or the platform position.

This is a professional piece of equipment and should only be used by trained adult workers and never be used by children or be treated as a toy for children.  Adults should never ride on it for their safety.

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The reliable Magliner 4 Wheel Snack Hand truck is sturdy, strong and easy to operate by one (1) person on a day to day basis.  The three hundred (300) pound capacity is one of the best properties about this double handle hand truck.  As with all types of warehouse equipment, safety should be the number one focus while operating that equipment.  The double handle is built into a strong, straight aluminum frame.  The two pistol hand grips give the operator a stronger grip to be able to control movement of the cargo.  This model is available unassembled and can easily be built onsite with the printed instructions, which are included with each Magliner Double Handle Hand Truck.

Four (4) optional accessories are available for this Double Handle Hand Truck, too.  They are:

•    The low profile extension nose plate that measures twenty four (24) inches long and twelve (12) inches wide.
•    The extruded aluminum channel extension nose plate is available in a twenty (20) inch by twelve (12) inch option.
•    The longest optional nose plate available for this hand truck measures thirty (30) inches by twelve (12) inches.
•    The last available option for this hand truck is the cast magnesium sliders with replaceable low-friction side bars.  These bars are made of polymer.  This aids in noise reduction and adds to the toughness of this equipment.

The size of the job, or jobs, should be considered when purchasing the correct double handled hand truck for the amount of product to be moved, along with the purchase of the options best suited for the need.

When should a hand truck be purchased and used?  It should be used when a box, garden equipment, furniture or case is too heavy for one (1) person to lift easily.  Safety for the employee should be the focus of any business owner, superintendent or manager.  Purchasing the proper hand truck, along with the proper options, is a good way to help insure that safety day in and day out, year in and year out.

The Magliner Double Handle Hand Truck is strong, sturdy, easy to operate and a sensible idea for many different types of businesses.  Do you have deliveries to make for a florist?  Do you work for a school that has hundreds of boxes of books to deliver year round between the classroom and the school district?  Got milk to get from one place to another?  Are soft drinks something your company delivers?  This is the hand truck that can complete the job with proper use by the operator.  Check it out and see what a good choice this double handle with pistol grip handles can be for your business or warehouse.

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PHOTO COPIER DOLLY With Escalera Stair Climber

Does your business specialize in photo copiers? Has it been a problem for years to find safe and secure ways to move those necessary valuable machines? The Escalera Copy Machine Dolly, the Copy Caddy, is the answer to all of the requirements for moving a copier from one business to another, from one room to another, etc. Plus, two (2) different models are available.

Light weight but strong, the Copy Caddy has a huge load capacity of six hundred (600) pounds. The construction of the Escalera Copy Machine Dolly, the Copy Caddy, is a delivery cart with a built in ramp. It is versatile enough for many different types of jobs.
With the winch lift it serves as a kind of electric powered pallet jack.

One person can operate transporting a copy machine with the delivery cart Copy Caddy or also in combination with the Escalera Stair Climber. The modular design makes it is easy to load and unload a small copier, a medium machine or the very largest of copiers on the market today. Because of the construction, any job is easily accomplished by one (1) person. The construction of the Copy Caddy is built to protect the copier finish while it is being transported or delivered.

The safety strap comes standard, as well as, the locking, swivel casters. The casters and rollers aid in moving across grass or parking lots, carpet or tile. The compact design easily fits in an elevator while the casters roll smoothing across the elevator door bottom. The ramp is easy to insert to use as the back of the Copy Caddy or as a ramp or a bridge to and from the load vehicle. Simply unbuckle, remove the ramp, insert the ramp and secure it with the installed locking pins. Any copier will roll easily down the ramp while being moved by one (1) person. The all-terrain wheels dolly are attached and included when purchased.

The wheels can easily roll over gravel, grass, or other rough terrain. A foot brake is included for safety and to steady the load when operating the Copy Caddy on an incline. The Escalera Copy Caddy operates great when partnered along with the Escalera Stair Climber. The two together are a great combination. The Power Stair Climber raises and lowers the Copy Caddy for easy loading and unloading into or out of the delivery vehicle. The two (2) movers together can operate alone or can be the total solution for your business needs.

An option is available to add to the Copy Caddy. The ten (10) inch pallet extension can be ordered at the same time as the Caddy. The pallet extension makes the deck length a full forty (40) inches and can be used during delivery or as a ramp from the vehicle to the Escalera Stair Climber.

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BOTTLED WATER HAND TRUCK is the best place on the web for all of your hand truck and moving needs. What now? Several things need to be considered when ordering the hand truck. What is the main use for this hand truck? Where will it be used, inside or out, on a truck, in an apartment building? How will the hand truck be used? These basic questions can be answered quickly by most buyers or employees responsible for the company’s many different types of jobs.

Let’s start by looking at the Magliner Hand Truck.Specifically, the Magliner Bottled Water hand truck. MAGLINER 5 BOTTLE 111-HM-815-BW has a low list price of only $499.99 American but is currently on sale at a twenty one (21%) percent savings. Today, you can order one (1) or several of these exceptional bottle movers for only $394.99 American. This hand truck has the capacity to move four (4) or five (5) full bottles of water. This particular bottled water hand truck comes unassembled which allows for easier shipping. Upon arrival, it comes with complete instructions on constructing the hand truck. If however, there are problems or questions, call the Customer Service Desk for assistance.

Although the weight of these hand trucks varies from twenty eight (28) pounds, to twenty five (25) pounds with the heaviest being a bit over thirty (30) pounds but all of these models have the moving capacity of five hundred (500) pounds whether it needs to move four (4) or five (5) filled bottles. The tires can be ordered in rolled rubber or pneumatic with a strong magnesium nose plate. Although multiple bottles of water can weigh quite a bit, these hand trucks can be operated, usually, by one employee.

You may also consider the RocknRoller Cart an all around great 8 in 1 Multi-Cart.

FREE SHIPPING is included from the warehouse in Michigan within three (3) business days. These products qualify for the quick shipping service. When you have decided and are ready to order, just click on the quantity link then the “Add to Shopping Cart” to begin the process of placing the order. If there is something that you might have a question about, just call our Customer Service Desk. We will be able to help you in every step of the process.

Don’t forget the other services offered on The Best Price on the Web Guarantee makes this an even better deal. No sales tax will be added to the order if you are outside of the State of New Jersey. Finally, also offers their Thirty Day (30) Money Back Guarantee on these reliable bottle movers. They are all built to last for years to come and can be used all day, every day and still give great service.

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Best Assortment of Motorized Hand Trucks is proud to be a top distributor of electric motorized hand trucks.  Our partners offer many different types of electric powered hand truck both the two wheeled models and the four wheeled models.  The choice is up to you.  The choice you make should be based on the size of the load to be moved, where the load will be moved to and the amount of power needed to move the load.  Please feel free to call our Customer Service Desk if you have any questions and need assistance in making your decision.  As with the majority of our product, many items are offered with FREE SHIPPING.  All of these electric hand trucks are sales tax free if ordered outside of New Jersey.

Our partners for these powerful machines are as follows:
•    Wesco has sixteen (16) different models of electric hand trucks on
•    Lectro-Truck has six (6) different models listed.
•    Vestil has five (5) powerful hand trucks for sale on
•    Powermate is another partner who also sells five (5) different models.
•    Magliner is a nationally known company that has three (3) electric hand trucks listed on our site
•    Escalera has two (2) models available for your consideration.
Shopping by brand name is an excellent way to help decide on the exact hand truck that will meet your company’s needs for today and in the future.

The capacity loads for these amazing machines start at two hundred (250) pounds and goes to the high capacity of one thousand five hundred (1,500) pounds!
For an example, the Wesco Cobra Pro Junior Battery Powered Convertible Hand Truck easily moves a load capacity of six hundred (600) to one thousand two hundred (1,200) pounds yet it is considered to be a smaller model.  Take a few minutes to click on the details page and then watch the video demonstrating all the great properties this machine has.  Please call our Customer Service Desk for our best shipping quote.  The Wesco Cobra Pro ships within ten (10) days for the warehouse in Pennsylvania.  One (1) or more of these can be ordered at a time.  We will be glad to help anyway we can to choose and order the Cobra Pro Junior Battery Powered Convertible Hand Truck.

The ‘TECHNICAL DETAILS’ link gives more information about the capabilities.  The battery powered drive system is high-torque that makes this machine capable of moving large loads across a large warehouse or up a truck ramp.  It can be used manually, as well as with the battery powered throttle.  It is equipped with a rechargeable battery module and a charger.  It is a powerful piece of equipment that will save your company money and time!

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The Escalera and its Accessories

You’ve made the decision to be the owner of the Escalera Electric Powered Hand Truck, Congratulations!  Now, check out the accessories that will make this super powerful mover.  With these accessories, you can eliminate the need for a lift gate for your business vehicle.  This option works great for new van trucks, old van trucks and small pickup trucks.  If your business operates ½ to ¾ ton trucks, there is an option for those trucks.  The standard delivery van can be accessorized, as well as most large delivery vans.  These accessories help cut costs and are easy to add to the electric powered stair climber you purchase.

The Customer Service Desk at Hand Trucks 2GO is eager to help answer questions about this powerful mover.  We are open during business hours on Sunday through Thursday between 9 AM till 7 PM EST; on Friday our business hours are 9 AM through 5 PM EST.  We are closed on Saturday.  The toll free number is (888) 811-5941.  We are in business to keep your business rolling!  You can count on us!  Call our friendly Specialists today.  We can quick ship to you within forty eight (48) hours any business day.

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The Perfect Hand Carts

Lightweight is the word for these compact hand carts from Do you have luggage to move? Do you travel? Is weight a concern for the equipment you use? Then this is the place for you to find the compact hand truck just right for your every need.

The REMIN FLITE-LITE C525 Luggage Cart weighs only four (4) pounds heavy but can move one hundred (100) pounds. It is folds easily with a push button locking system. It is a great piece of equipment for pilots and flight crews but is ideal for many other professionals. Are you a teacher with books to move or a heavy computer bag? Check out the REMIN FLITE-LITE C52 Luggage Cart. Since it weighs only four pounds, it means there are fewer pounds to move but is a strong cart that can carry one hundred (100) pounds! The cart should always be pulled behind the person and not pushed in front. It should not be used by children. The cart is easy to load by placing the largest item on the bottom with the smaller on the top, always secure the bags with the bungee cord(s) to keep them from falling off during transporting.
8 – Hand Truck

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The Gruve Gear Cart

Do you need more than one style of hand truck but have budget considerations? Consider the CONVERTIBLE Hand Truck models available today on The selection is amazing. Convertible Hand Trucks come in a variety of sizes, styles and capacities. Check out what is available for your company or needs today.

The GRUVE GEAR SOLS XL CART is lightweight, weighing only thirty (30) pounds but has a loading capacity of six hundred (600) pounds plus FREE SHIPPING. It’s a flexible, reliable hand truck for just about any job someone might have. Do you have a home business? Do you own a catering business? Do you work at a school that requires moving equipment? Do you need a flexible hand truck for your church or synagogue? Do you have a band and need to move your instruments safely? This could be the cart that fits the need! It comes with FREE SHIPPING and is on sale for one hundred ($100) dollars off the already everyday low sale price. Three options are available to make this hand truck even more versatile. One is a carpeted deck for only $70.00. Stage wedges are available for $40.00. Two pack bungees are available for $14.00.

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Magliner and Raymond Carts

Does your company need a Magliner hand truck? These are ready for delivery to your company:
Check them out here
• Stair Climber – powered to move product up and down stairs
• Two Shelf Drive Cart – great for moving luggage, boxes, cases of product
• Platform Truck – available in four sizes
• Convertible Hand Truck – flexible convertible for more or less pounds, as required
• Off-Road Traction Powered Drive Cart – check it out for all the details
• Any one (or more) from the variety of models sold on
This is THE PLACE to order the hand truck needed for the job you have to do! These models are easy to operate but should be done with caution. Any type of equipment with an electric motor is to be operated by trained employees and should never be used by or around children.

Of special interest are the Raymond Carts, manufactured right here in the USA, of the highest quality materials.
What is the job? What is the capacity needed? What length of battery time best fits the company’s needs? How far does the mover need to do? What is the poundage needed to move? All of these are considerations in ordering any electric powered hand truck. Checkout the website, find the best model for the need today and call the Customer Service Desk. The Customer Service Desk is run by professionally trained, friendly associates.

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Bottled Water Is ‘Dead Water’ ~ Why Not Drink ‘Alive’ Water?

Water purification systems make ‘alive’ and filtered drinking water, while keeping all the healthy nutrients instead of filtering them out of your water. Bottled Water: Some people drink bottled waters in abundance because it’s been filtered and the water is rid of the toxins and chemicals. Most think this is better for them. Not so fast. Bottled water is considered ‘dead water’ because it filters out all the natural minerals as well as the toxins and you are left with lifeless water with no real benefit. And this bottled water is not cheap. it costs approximately $1,200 to $2,250 per year for a family of 4 drinking one bottle of water a day.

Getting a decent water purification system in your home is a smart move and solves the constant buying and lugging the heavy bottled water home from the store. You can look into a whole house water filtration system or a kitchen water purification system to clean your tap water into a refreshing pure and clean drinking water, while keeping the healthy mineral nutrients contained in water. There is also the best filtration for drinking water in the world and it is the water ionizer that runs approximately $1300 to $4000 and comes with a lifetime warranty.

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Escalera Electric Hand Trucks

There are a lot of creations and aids to help people who constantly work with moving heavy objects and loads. Such is the hand truck, which looks simple enough, but does wonders to conserve your energy and prevent back injuries commonly found in people who do a lot of heavy lifting, as the hand truck completely supports the weight of the load that you are carrying.

A great example of this simple tool brought to new levels would be the Escalera electric Hand Trucks, check out the video below.

A hand truck is a very simple first class lever, essentially created in an L-shape with wheels for one to load things on it, tilt back and push away. Some people call it a ‘dolly’ or a ‘handcart’, but whatever it is called it is essentially there to make life easier by completely supporting a load, making it a breeze to push to get from place to place.

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Using A Hand Truck

The hand truck handles need to be lifted up to waist height so that the cargo securely rests on the back of the hand cart.
The hand truck may be rolled forward and backward to it is imperative that the operator chooses a movement that is convenient for him or her. Forward movement will help you see where you are going while backward movement is safer as you can control the cart better.

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Points to remember when using a hand truck

The hand truck must be checked before to ensure that it is in good working condition. Although they have very few moving parts, they are susceptible to wear and tear. Check the wheels and if there is any sign of under inflation then you need to inflate the wheels before use.
The cargo or the load that is to be moved by the hand truck needs to be loaded properly with the biggest and heaviest items on the bottom. Plus, the weight needs to be distributed equally on all sides and the cargo needs to be secured.

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Bellman Carts – A Great Idea has many models of their brand new line of Bell man carts.  One will meet the needs of your business or building.  If there is not one shown on the website, choose the option of building one of your own.  It’s easy.   The parts are made in the USA and come with a two year warranty.  Now, it’s time to check out the things you like to make the cart you like.  Because the parts are built tough, the cart itself can be expected to last for years to come.  A quality cart is a great investment.

Choose the parts, first the wheels, how many, two, four or six?  Next pick the finish of the tubing that you like the best.  Then pick out the carpet color and the trim color.  So far, so good, easy, right?  The last step is the bumper and wheel colors, which do you prefer?   Don’t forget to check out the options to make the bell man cart all it can be for the needs of your business.   The  Glaro bellman cart you want at a price you can afford.

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How hand trucks can make your life easier in your business or warehouse-3

A narrower framed hand truck is ideal and will work if one has limited space. Transporting large boxes work best with taller models that have continuous handles to accommodate high stacking.
An industrial hand truck or platform cart can accommodate loads of about 800 pounds. This makes them very useful for those working in warehouses that need to transport or move large or heavy material from one point to another safely. There are also models that are more lightweight that have folding handles that make them easy to store after use. If you are looking for a 1000 lb convertible hand truck , have a look here

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How hand trucks can make your life easier in your business or warehouse-2

There are different types of hand carts that can cater to every need of every business. There are also a variety of models that have different functions to choose from. Hand carts are made from different types of materials like aluminum tube, tube steel, high impact plastic and aluminum extrusion.
For route delivery guys, a popular choice is the Magliner Snack Truck
Most commercial hand trucks which are used for food service deliveries and restaurants are rugged and also very light weight. Industrial hand truck models are designed for carrying and transporting heavier cargo or loads with a wider frame. An industrial hand truck is also double welded at critical stress points for extra safety. A smaller version is perfect for the easy transportation of kegs, boxes and packages.

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How hand trucks can make your life easier in your business or warehouse-1

The smooth operation of any business or major facility is a swarm of materials and devices that make it come to life. The movement of materials and equipment need to be fluid, as well as timely if a business is to function efficiently.
For businesses like retail outlets, small-scale restaurants, hospitals and large industrial facilities benefit greatly from the use of the hand truck. The hand cart is used for many things like stocking, delivering products or supplies, organization of supplies and products, and transportation of materials from one point to the next.

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CorningWare 17 Piece Bake and Serve Set

It’s very common these days for people to be more careful about the purchases they make. Gone of the days of spending without thinking of the costs or credit card charge. But being more thoughtful about spending habits is a very good thing. You can find a lot of great bargains on quality merchandise if you simply take the time to do a little research before you buy. When it comes to kitchenware, your best bet is to find cookware and dishes that can serve multiple purposes, like this fantastic CorningWare 17 Piece Bake and Serve Set ,

CorningWare bakeware sets have been around for generations and are known for their wonderful versatility. The dishes are not only attractive but useful and durable too. You can cook in them, serve in them and then store the leftovers in the fridge in them. Plus when all of the food is gone they clean up easily in the dishwasher and look good as new. They also make wonderful gifts for housewarming parties and more.

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Rachael Ray Hard-Anodized 10 Piece Cookware Set

If you enjoy cooking, then you know it’s much more fun when you have the right tools to do the job right. There’s nothing quite as frustrating as trying to make your favorite dishes only to find you don’t have the extra saucepan or skillet that you needed. Or perhaps some of the pieces are outdated and the finish is ruined on your favorite nonstick pan. If you need some new kitchenware, you should check out this wonderful Rachael Ray Hard-Anodized 10 Piece Cookware Set.

This hard-anodized cookware set is an excellent value. Not only are the pots and pans of superior quality, they are beautiful as well in a matte gray finish with orange silicone handles. They include quality glass lids and come with a limited lifetime warranty. So treat yourself to a great set of cookware and you’re next cooking project will be a breeze.

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Folding Chair Truck/Cart

One of the latest products on offer by the national public seating is the Horizontal folding chair dolly. As per name, the Horizontal folding chair mover cart helps in carrying and shifting of folding chairs horizontally. Space is saved and the work of shifting is done fast and effectively. The dolly can carry around 36 folded chairs easily enough at one straight go. The dolly or caddy is very economically priced too, so that it is easily affordable by most. The chair dolly is compatible with most of the regular sized chairs available in the markets today.

The major users or the major institutions that may have a need for the Horizontal folding chair dollies are schools, hotels, conference hall owners, wedding halls, etc. Where the need to accommodate a large number of chairs is there, the Horizontal folding chair dolly can be utilised judiciously. The chairs must be foldable though as this is a hanging chair dolly. The chairs are folded and hung horizontally. This saves space and thus a large number of chairs can be moved at a one single swift go. There are some aluminum hand trucks that can also be used as chair dollies.

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Glasslock 12 Piece Food Storage Container Set

Creating great meals for your family isn’t always easy. It’s hard to come up with new dishes that everyone will enjoy and that will be healthy too. Then of course weeks can be so hectic it might be hard to even find the time to cook. One of the tricks to having better meals during the busy week is to cook bigger quantities on the days when you have time. Then you can enjoy the delicious leftovers on another night or two. You’ll need a good set of containers like this Glasslock 12 Piece Food Storage Container Set.

You can’t beat the quality and versatility of glass food storage containers in your kitchen. Not only can you use these dishes for storage in the fridge or freezer, but they microwave and dishwasher safe as well, making heating and clean-up a breeze.

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