Hand Truck Wheel Types-2

Cast iron hub mold-on rubber hand truck wheels are exactly what their name implies. Cast iron hubs are one of the strongest available and the rubber wheels have very little tread. These hand truck wheels are designed to take on heavy loads of 900 pounds or more. However, the lack of tread and the high carrying capacity mean that these wheels are not safe for hand trucks to use outside of a warehouse or an area with a smooth flat surface.
Phenolic resin hand trucks wheels are not meant to be used on your standard two-wheel hand truck. If you are building a hand truck with multiple wheels, these will do, but for the most part they are used platform style carts. These wheels have a plastic coating that is inflexible and that makes for a rougher ride overall. Phenolic resin wheels are meant to be very tough and rigid because it increases the carrying capacity to around a thousand pounds.
Convertible Hand trucks wheels made from solid polyolefin are used in tough situations not involving large bumps or rocky roads. They are good for getting a load across a wet floor, or even over corrosive material. Polyolefin is simply a plastic polymer that can handle higher temperatures and that is resistant to liquids. If you need to get a load over an oil spill, polyolefin hand truck wheels are the way to go.

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