Helpful Hints for Planning a Move-Part 1

Keeping well-informed will help you transition smoothly and reduce your stress. There are a few hints and tips available that you should keep in mind while you’re tackling the planning process of the move. As they say, the devil is in the details and sometimes the details of a move can cause problems if they are not planned correctly.
One particular inconvenience that can trip you up involves logistics. If you do not consider ahead of time where the moving truck should be parked, you might end up delaying your move. If possible, keep a place open as close to your residence as possible and instruct your movers to park there. The farther the movers have to drag your items, the longer it will take to complete the move. Not only will you fall behind in your schedule, but you will also end up paying the workers more money. Such a simple consideration can cost you time, money and plenty of aggravation.
To speed up your move and to prevent injury, purchase or rent a hand truck. Even if you have hired movers, there may be some items you want to move ahead of time to the new residence. The items that you do not want to entrust to the movers can be transported with a hand truck separately from the rest of the load.

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