Helpful Hints for Planning a Move-Part 2

As you begin to shift your items and assess the move, you may notice that your furniture is dusty and in need of some polish. It is not a good idea to polish furniture before a move, even if the move is a whole week away. Polishes, waxes and oils soak into the surface of the furniture and leave the wood softer and more malleable. Soft wood is less forgiving if you happen to bump an edge and leave a mark. Protect your furniture using  and leave the dust bunnies where they lie and by using padded hand carts .

You will have to remember in advance to unplug your “hot” items. Hot items are certain electronics like television sets and desk computers and they retain heat for hours after they are unplugged. These items should be unplugged for a day before they are packed up so that the heat can escape completely. The heat can cause damage to the internal structures of electronics and the effect is made worse in an enclosed space. You may have to go without television a day before the move but you will be too busy to watch anyway.

Speaking of electronics, try to pack them in the boxes they came with. If those are long gone, you will need to find a box that your electronics can fit into snugly. Do not fill the spaces in the box with foam peanuts. Foam peanuts can generate plenty of static electricity and friction, which will damage your electronics.

Use newspaper to stuff your boxes, but remember that the ink rubs off. Certain items like ceramics and lampshades take on newsprint quite easily and the ink is nearly impossible to remove. Fragile items and dishes should never be packed with newspaper because the ink will transfer and you will end up washing all of your dishes.

Above all, use common sense when packing up your items. Common sense is often forgotten because it is so simple but the consequences can be quite frustrating.

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