This Hand Truck Really Sucks

Many hand truck operators will actually visibly blanche at the mere mention of the CSHT-500 model
of hand truck and with little wonder. Clocking in at a staggering 69 lbs, this is one of the heaviest models of
electric hand trucks around and this poses particular concerns for operators who maybe required to attempt to
transport the CSHT-500 upstairs. Not only is the CSHT-500 a very heavy model, it is also a model of hand truck that has something of an awkward design and so it is nigh on impossible to get a decent grip with the CSHT-500.

Combining its excess weight with a very angular body, this makes it extremely cumbersome and awkward even try and steer. However, these issues pale in comparison to the fact that despite the fact that the CSHT-500 happens to weigh twice as much as the average hand truck, the powered stair climbing hand truck does not carry a great deal more cargo than its more lightweight counterparts. With that in mind then, you may want to opt for a smaller, lighter model. As it stands, the only thing the CSHT-500 is good for is punishment.

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