Steel hand trucks model: 30T16

This continuous handle wesco hand truck is made for easy load control that would be the priority of a potential buyer when obtaining a hand truck. 1/4” high strength steel base plate is used; it has been bevelled by machinery in order enable the edge of the hand truck to slide easier under the load. The corners of this edge have been rounded for safety of the user which shows that the manufactured product is safety conscious. Unlike other hand trucks that provide problems when being manoeuvred, this particular model has been manufactured to enable the user an easier handling while pushing the hand truck.
The stair glides ease property in the equipment which provides smooth handling whether up or down the stairs and even over the curbs is a prove for this user conscious product. The curved steel strap that has been welded on the front and the back of the hand truck allows much convenience for handling cylinder shaped object. ‘Tri-Hole’ axle bracket is used for a choice of 6”, 8” or 10” wheel. Usage of this steel hand truck is to make the users like easier and without trouble for when carrying many items.

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