Platform Truck Model PT3060P8S

This steel platform deck size model PT3060P8S is a typical model of platform truck and is easy to use. The main material which its panel is made of is 14 gauge steel, and it is additionally strengthened from underneath with a channel bracing, which secures the stability and sturdiness of this steel platform. It has a handle, which is detachable and is built up by a 1 5/16” O.D. high weight gauge wall tube. This platform features casters, which could be mold on rubber or poly, as well as 8” pneumatic. Furthermore, a tilt wheel configuration for this model could be purchased. The size of the platform panel is 30” width and 60” length.

There are two more shapes available – 24” x 48” and 27” x 54”. It has superb design which minimizes your efforts while using it for transporting even the heaviest loads. You will not regret buying this product, as it will be your perfect supporter in transporting loads at short distances. It possesses all the features which a secure and reliable commercial truck needs. Be one of the first to purchase model BKT86! Your satisfaction is ensured a hundred percent!

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