Folding Chair Truck/Cart

One of the latest products on offer by the national public seating is the Horizontal folding chair dolly. As per name, the Horizontal folding chair mover cart helps in carrying and shifting of folding chairs horizontally. Space is saved and the work of shifting is done fast and effectively. The dolly can carry around 36 folded chairs easily enough at one straight go. The dolly or caddy is very economically priced too, so that it is easily affordable by most. The chair dolly is compatible with most of the regular sized chairs available in the markets today.

The major users or the major institutions that may have a need for the Horizontal folding chair dollies are schools, hotels, conference hall owners, wedding halls, etc. Where the need to accommodate a large number of chairs is there, the Horizontal folding chair dolly can be utilised judiciously. The chairs must be foldable though as this is a hanging chair dolly. The chairs are folded and hung horizontally. This saves space and thus a large number of chairs can be moved at a one single swift go. There are some aluminum hand trucks that can also be used as chair dollies.

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