Escalera Electric Hand Trucks

There are a lot of creations and aids to help people who constantly work with moving heavy objects and loads. Such is the hand truck, which looks simple enough, but does wonders to conserve your energy and prevent back injuries commonly found in people who do a lot of heavy lifting, as the hand truck completely supports the weight of the load that you are carrying.

A great example of this simple tool brought to new levels would be the Escalera electric Hand Trucks, check out the video below.

A hand truck is a very simple first class lever, essentially created in an L-shape with wheels for one to load things on it, tilt back and push away. Some people call it a ‘dolly’ or a ‘handcart’, but whatever it is called it is essentially there to make life easier by completely supporting a load, making it a breeze to push to get from place to place.

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