Bottled Water Is ‘Dead Water’ ~ Why Not Drink ‘Alive’ Water?

Water purification systems make ‘alive’ and filtered drinking water, while keeping all the healthy nutrients instead of filtering them out of your water. Bottled Water: Some people drink bottled waters in abundance because it’s been filtered and the water is rid of the toxins and chemicals. Most think this is better for them. Not so fast. Bottled water is considered ‘dead water’ because it filters out all the natural minerals as well as the toxins and you are left with lifeless water with no real benefit. And this bottled water is not cheap. it costs approximately $1,200 to $2,250 per year for a family of 4 drinking one bottle of water a day.

Getting a decent water purification system in your home is a smart move and solves the constant buying and lugging the heavy bottled water home from the store. You can look into a whole house water filtration system or a kitchen water purification system to clean your tap water into a refreshing pure and clean drinking water, while keeping the healthy mineral nutrients contained in water. There is also the best filtration for drinking water in the world and it is the water ionizer that runs approximately $1300 to $4000 and comes with a lifetime warranty.

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