Magliner and Raymond Carts

Does your company need a Magliner hand truck? These are ready for delivery to your company:
Check them out here
• Stair Climber – powered to move product up and down stairs
• Two Shelf Drive Cart – great for moving luggage, boxes, cases of product
• Platform Truck – available in four sizes
• Convertible Hand Truck – flexible convertible for more or less pounds, as required
• Off-Road Traction Powered Drive Cart – check it out for all the details
• Any one (or more) from the variety of models sold on
This is THE PLACE to order the hand truck needed for the job you have to do! These models are easy to operate but should be done with caution. Any type of equipment with an electric motor is to be operated by trained employees and should never be used by or around children.

Of special interest are the Raymond Carts, manufactured right here in the USA, of the highest quality materials.
What is the job? What is the capacity needed? What length of battery time best fits the company’s needs? How far does the mover need to do? What is the poundage needed to move? All of these are considerations in ordering any electric powered hand truck. Checkout the website, find the best model for the need today and call the Customer Service Desk. The Customer Service Desk is run by professionally trained, friendly associates.

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