The Gruve Gear Cart

Do you need more than one style of hand truck but have budget considerations? Consider the CONVERTIBLE Hand Truck models available today on The selection is amazing. Convertible Hand Trucks come in a variety of sizes, styles and capacities. Check out what is available for your company or needs today.

The GRUVE GEAR SOLS XL CART is lightweight, weighing only thirty (30) pounds but has a loading capacity of six hundred (600) pounds plus FREE SHIPPING. It’s a flexible, reliable hand truck for just about any job someone might have. Do you have a home business? Do you own a catering business? Do you work at a school that requires moving equipment? Do you need a flexible hand truck for your church or synagogue? Do you have a band and need to move your instruments safely? This could be the cart that fits the need! It comes with FREE SHIPPING and is on sale for one hundred ($100) dollars off the already everyday low sale price. Three options are available to make this hand truck even more versatile. One is a carpeted deck for only $70.00. Stage wedges are available for $40.00. Two pack bungees are available for $14.00.

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