The Perfect Hand Carts

Lightweight is the word for these compact hand carts from Do you have luggage to move? Do you travel? Is weight a concern for the equipment you use? Then this is the place for you to find the compact hand truck just right for your every need.

The REMIN FLITE-LITE C525 Luggage Cart weighs only four (4) pounds heavy but can move one hundred (100) pounds. It is folds easily with a push button locking system. It is a great piece of equipment for pilots and flight crews but is ideal for many other professionals. Are you a teacher with books to move or a heavy computer bag? Check out the REMIN FLITE-LITE C52 Luggage Cart. Since it weighs only four pounds, it means there are fewer pounds to move but is a strong cart that can carry one hundred (100) pounds! The cart should always be pulled behind the person and not pushed in front. It should not be used by children. The cart is easy to load by placing the largest item on the bottom with the smaller on the top, always secure the bags with the bungee cord(s) to keep them from falling off during transporting.
8 – Hand Truck

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