Best Assortment of Motorized Hand Trucks is proud to be a top distributor of electric motorized hand trucks.  Our partners offer many different types of electric powered hand truck both the two wheeled models and the four wheeled models.  The choice is up to you.  The choice you make should be based on the size of the load to be moved, where the load will be moved to and the amount of power needed to move the load.  Please feel free to call our Customer Service Desk if you have any questions and need assistance in making your decision.  As with the majority of our product, many items are offered with FREE SHIPPING.  All of these electric hand trucks are sales tax free if ordered outside of New Jersey.

Our partners for these powerful machines are as follows:
•    Wesco has sixteen (16) different models of electric hand trucks on
•    Lectro-Truck has six (6) different models listed.
•    Vestil has five (5) powerful hand trucks for sale on
•    Powermate is another partner who also sells five (5) different models.
•    Magliner is a nationally known company that has three (3) electric hand trucks listed on our site
•    Escalera has two (2) models available for your consideration.
Shopping by brand name is an excellent way to help decide on the exact hand truck that will meet your company’s needs for today and in the future.

The capacity loads for these amazing machines start at two hundred (250) pounds and goes to the high capacity of one thousand five hundred (1,500) pounds!
For an example, the Wesco Cobra Pro Junior Battery Powered Convertible Hand Truck easily moves a load capacity of six hundred (600) to one thousand two hundred (1,200) pounds yet it is considered to be a smaller model.  Take a few minutes to click on the details page and then watch the video demonstrating all the great properties this machine has.  Please call our Customer Service Desk for our best shipping quote.  The Wesco Cobra Pro ships within ten (10) days for the warehouse in Pennsylvania.  One (1) or more of these can be ordered at a time.  We will be glad to help anyway we can to choose and order the Cobra Pro Junior Battery Powered Convertible Hand Truck.

The ‘TECHNICAL DETAILS’ link gives more information about the capabilities.  The battery powered drive system is high-torque that makes this machine capable of moving large loads across a large warehouse or up a truck ramp.  It can be used manually, as well as with the battery powered throttle.  It is equipped with a rechargeable battery module and a charger.  It is a powerful piece of equipment that will save your company money and time!

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