BOTTLED WATER HAND TRUCK is the best place on the web for all of your hand truck and moving needs. What now? Several things need to be considered when ordering the hand truck. What is the main use for this hand truck? Where will it be used, inside or out, on a truck, in an apartment building? How will the hand truck be used? These basic questions can be answered quickly by most buyers or employees responsible for the company’s many different types of jobs.

Let’s start by looking at the Magliner Hand Truck.Specifically, the Magliner Bottled Water hand truck. MAGLINER 5 BOTTLE 111-HM-815-BW has a low list price of only $499.99 American but is currently on sale at a twenty one (21%) percent savings. Today, you can order one (1) or several of these exceptional bottle movers for only $394.99 American. This hand truck has the capacity to move four (4) or five (5) full bottles of water. This particular bottled water hand truck comes unassembled which allows for easier shipping. Upon arrival, it comes with complete instructions on constructing the hand truck. If however, there are problems or questions, call the Customer Service Desk for assistance.

Although the weight of these hand trucks varies from twenty eight (28) pounds, to twenty five (25) pounds with the heaviest being a bit over thirty (30) pounds but all of these models have the moving capacity of five hundred (500) pounds whether it needs to move four (4) or five (5) filled bottles. The tires can be ordered in rolled rubber or pneumatic with a strong magnesium nose plate. Although multiple bottles of water can weigh quite a bit, these hand trucks can be operated, usually, by one employee.

You may also consider the RocknRoller Cart an all around great 8 in 1 Multi-Cart.

FREE SHIPPING is included from the warehouse in Michigan within three (3) business days. These products qualify for the quick shipping service. When you have decided and are ready to order, just click on the quantity link then the “Add to Shopping Cart” to begin the process of placing the order. If there is something that you might have a question about, just call our Customer Service Desk. We will be able to help you in every step of the process.

Don’t forget the other services offered on The Best Price on the Web Guarantee makes this an even better deal. No sales tax will be added to the order if you are outside of the State of New Jersey. Finally, also offers their Thirty Day (30) Money Back Guarantee on these reliable bottle movers. They are all built to last for years to come and can be used all day, every day and still give great service.

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