PHOTO COPIER DOLLY With Escalera Stair Climber

Does your business specialize in photo copiers? Has it been a problem for years to find safe and secure ways to move those necessary valuable machines? The Escalera Copy Machine Dolly, the Copy Caddy, is the answer to all of the requirements for moving a copier from one business to another, from one room to another, etc. Plus, two (2) different models are available.

Light weight but strong, the Copy Caddy has a huge load capacity of six hundred (600) pounds. The construction of the Escalera Copy Machine Dolly, the Copy Caddy, is a delivery cart with a built in ramp. It is versatile enough for many different types of jobs.
With the winch lift it serves as a kind of electric powered pallet jack.

One person can operate transporting a copy machine with the delivery cart Copy Caddy or also in combination with the Escalera Stair Climber. The modular design makes it is easy to load and unload a small copier, a medium machine or the very largest of copiers on the market today. Because of the construction, any job is easily accomplished by one (1) person. The construction of the Copy Caddy is built to protect the copier finish while it is being transported or delivered.

The safety strap comes standard, as well as, the locking, swivel casters. The casters and rollers aid in moving across grass or parking lots, carpet or tile. The compact design easily fits in an elevator while the casters roll smoothing across the elevator door bottom. The ramp is easy to insert to use as the back of the Copy Caddy or as a ramp or a bridge to and from the load vehicle. Simply unbuckle, remove the ramp, insert the ramp and secure it with the installed locking pins. Any copier will roll easily down the ramp while being moved by one (1) person. The all-terrain wheels dolly are attached and included when purchased.

The wheels can easily roll over gravel, grass, or other rough terrain. A foot brake is included for safety and to steady the load when operating the Copy Caddy on an incline. The Escalera Copy Caddy operates great when partnered along with the Escalera Stair Climber. The two together are a great combination. The Power Stair Climber raises and lowers the Copy Caddy for easy loading and unloading into or out of the delivery vehicle. The two (2) movers together can operate alone or can be the total solution for your business needs.

An option is available to add to the Copy Caddy. The ten (10) inch pallet extension can be ordered at the same time as the Caddy. The pallet extension makes the deck length a full forty (40) inches and can be used during delivery or as a ramp from the vehicle to the Escalera Stair Climber.

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