The reliable Magliner 4 Wheel Snack Hand truck is sturdy, strong and easy to operate by one (1) person on a day to day basis.  The three hundred (300) pound capacity is one of the best properties about this double handle hand truck.  As with all types of warehouse equipment, safety should be the number one focus while operating that equipment.  The double handle is built into a strong, straight aluminum frame.  The two pistol hand grips give the operator a stronger grip to be able to control movement of the cargo.  This model is available unassembled and can easily be built onsite with the printed instructions, which are included with each Magliner Double Handle Hand Truck.

Four (4) optional accessories are available for this Double Handle Hand Truck, too.  They are:

•    The low profile extension nose plate that measures twenty four (24) inches long and twelve (12) inches wide.
•    The extruded aluminum channel extension nose plate is available in a twenty (20) inch by twelve (12) inch option.
•    The longest optional nose plate available for this hand truck measures thirty (30) inches by twelve (12) inches.
•    The last available option for this hand truck is the cast magnesium sliders with replaceable low-friction side bars.  These bars are made of polymer.  This aids in noise reduction and adds to the toughness of this equipment.

The size of the job, or jobs, should be considered when purchasing the correct double handled hand truck for the amount of product to be moved, along with the purchase of the options best suited for the need.

When should a hand truck be purchased and used?  It should be used when a box, garden equipment, furniture or case is too heavy for one (1) person to lift easily.  Safety for the employee should be the focus of any business owner, superintendent or manager.  Purchasing the proper hand truck, along with the proper options, is a good way to help insure that safety day in and day out, year in and year out.

The Magliner Double Handle Hand Truck is strong, sturdy, easy to operate and a sensible idea for many different types of businesses.  Do you have deliveries to make for a florist?  Do you work for a school that has hundreds of boxes of books to deliver year round between the classroom and the school district?  Got milk to get from one place to another?  Are soft drinks something your company delivers?  This is the hand truck that can complete the job with proper use by the operator.  Check it out and see what a good choice this double handle with pistol grip handles can be for your business or warehouse.

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