Remember the good old days when convertible brought to mind a really cool car?  The top was usually made of something durable like vinyl or canvas?  The top, when in place, looked like a regular car roof.  The trick was that it could be lowered either by hand or by car power into the trunk or behind the back seats.  The results were a car that could be used in all kinds of weather.  There is a convertible hand truck, available on the market today, that is just as flexible and just as cool as those convertible cars from the good old days.

The Wesco 2-4-1 Convertible Hand Truck is that hand truck.   The Wesco 2-4-1 is two hand trucks in one.  It comes in bright orange, known as the safety orange.  It easily converts from a four (4) wheel platform truck model to a two (2) wheel upright hand truck in a flash with little effort.  The quick and easy to use release latch is the secret.  The two (2) wheels, upright position has a load capacity of seven hundred (700) pounds.  The four (4) wheel platform conversion counterpart has a carrying capacity of eight hundred (800) pounds.  Does it sound impossible?  At first glance, may be it does.  This tough hand truck is easily moved from indoors to outdoors with the easy grip handles.  It makes hard jobs simple and big jobs manageable.  The twelve (12) inch pneumatic tires add to the stability of both conversions, the two (2) wheel upright and the four (4) wheel platform position.

The steel frame is strong enough for large loads of all types.  The aluminum handle is strong but does not add pounds to the overall weight of this convertible hand truck making it easy to roll forward or backward.  If storage is a problem in the office, warehouse or on a delivery truck, this Weso 2-4-1 Convertible Hand Truck can be folded into the upright position making it take up less space than the platform position.

Since safety is always a concern when moving product from one place to another, the Wesco 2-4-1 Convertible Hand Truck should be operated within the load capacity guidelines.  The two (2) wheel upright and the four (4) wheel platform version should never be overloaded.  When considering the load capacity, it will allow the product to be moved securely and without any harm coming to the operator.  Safety is always a consideration and should be followed by not overloading the Wesco 2-4-1 Convertible in the upright or the platform position.

This is a professional piece of equipment and should only be used by trained adult workers and never be used by children or be treated as a toy for children.  Adults should never ride on it for their safety.

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