Does your company regularly move items weighing several hundred pounds?   Does a large capacity hand truck that can carry up to one thousand (1,000) pounds, sound like the option you are researching to purchase?  Does it need to last for years to come?  Does it need to be easily converted from a two (2) wheel upright to a four (4) wheel platform model?  If you answered yes to all of these questions, then the MILWAUKEE 40481 ALUMINUM & STEEL CONVERTIBLE HAND TRUCK is the hand truck to meet the need!

One thousand (1,000) pounds is one half (1/2) ton of product!  Just imagine how much can be accomplished in a day with a giant capacity hand truck.

•    A large load would be manageable.
•     A heavy load would be much lighter.
•    A bulky load is made simpler.
•    A high count product can be moved as one.

As with all hand trucks, caution should be taken while it is in use.  Never overload even the largest of hand trucks.  Always take into consideration the height and width of the item or items to be moved.  Always make sure the load is not too heavy or not too wide at all times.  Safety is always the issue; take care to secure the loads.  The protection of  every  employee is important to every company owner.  With back injury being, perhaps, the number one injury that happens on the job, a large load can cause back injury when safety is not taken into consideration at all times.  The right size and right design is the number one consideration when researching, purchasing and using a heavy duty hand truck like the large capacity models discussed in this post.

The MILWAUKEE 40481 ALUMINUM & STEEL CONVERTIBLE HAND TRUCK is built to last for years and years of service.  It is the right hand truck for the job when a large capacity model is what meets the need and fits the bill as they say.  Loading and operating any hand truck, including the large capacity models, should be done carefully even if it looks easy to handle.  A load can be easily lost on any hand truck when it is not stacked properly and secured.  The large capacity MILWAUKEE 40481 is not an exception to this rule.  When product is loaded properly with the large items on the bottom, gradually, loading according to size up to the smallest product on the top, will pretty much insure easy transport of boxes, books, office equipment or any other stock that needs to be moved or loaded or unloaded.  Always remember to move the hand truck forward with the employee working from behind, securely grasping the handles.  When product is stacked properly and moved slowly, with caution, successful tasks can be accomplished every time!

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