Plastic Hand Trucks – Are These Good Choices?

In this modern day and age, the usage of plastic has become more and more prevalent. People find plastic more practical to use since it has now a long life span. It is also cheaper, easier to store, and lighter. Because of this, manufacturers of hand trucks paved the way in making plastic hand trucks.

Hand trucks are efficient simple machines which are used for moving several heavy objects. These are typically L-shaped machines usually made from metals, steel or wood. They are composed of three main parts: platform, wheels and handle. Some hand trucks are geared with rubberized rails which keep the objects from slipping and falling.

Aside from these materials mentioned above, plastic has been developed as the material for hand trucks. Due to innovations, these plastic hand trucks are now more durable and can withstand heavier loads. If you are wondering what to purchase, choose plastic.

Why choose plastic hand trucks over wooden and metal ones? Plastic hand trucks are definitely good choices because these are more resistant to the changing weather. Rain or shine, these hand trucks will not decay like wood. They will not easily corrode and rust like metal. They are very strong against moisture unlike the wooden and metal ones.

Plastics are also designed to be more resistant against dents and impacts. When you accidentally bump your hand truck, it will not be easily scratched like wood or dented like metal from the heavy impact since it is made out of plastic. It is also lighter than a wood and metal. Because of this, plastic platforms with heavy load objects are lighter to push and move. You will avoid putting too much strain on your body. You will avoid getting cramps and back aches.

The price of plastic hand truck is also cheaper than the metal ones since the manufacturing process is also less costly than any other type of material for hand trucks. You don’t also need to repaint the plastic platform because the color is a part of the machine when molded. Thus, you will not need to pay for extra fees just because its color has faded.

When choosing and buying plastic hand trucks, I have one crucial tip for you. You need to determine the brand of your choice. Plastic types can also be fragile unless they are made from a reputable manufacturer of hand trucks. Trustworthy companies won’t ever make low quality hand trucks that their customers won’t even like.

It is also recommended to determine the functionality of the hand truck. Check whether it has functional steering wheels. Some are hard to maneuver. Choose ones with rubber grips to avoid hurting your hands when pushing. Pick ones with rubberized side rails to protect your stuff from scratches and falls.

Finally, check the cart’s weight capacity. How many pounds can it carry? This is, after all, the most important aspect you need to consider when purchasing plastic hand trucks.

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