Rock N Roller Multi Cart

The Rock N Roller Multi-Cart Is a great cart for many different uses, not only for musicians and DJ’s. I actually have a friend who sells shoes to patients in nursing homes who inquired about these multi use carts. You can view a video of the cart which will show you all the different positions and uses-8 in all.

They come with optional accessories such as a shelf which is advised if you are transporting smaller iterms that can slip in between the 2 rails.

The RocK N Roller R8 is a good choice as it is what I would call the medium size, and it is expandable and collapsible sort of a one size fits all. If  you are looking for something bigger or smaller, not to worry Rock N Roller carts come in 5 different sizes, you are sure to find a size that will meet your needs.

We can actually all learn a lesson from the Rock N Roller that we must learn to adapt and change ourselves according to different situations, and be at your optimum too!!

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