Hand Trucks Make Life Easier

Hand trucks are a fantastic tool for people on the move and for employers who want their employees to avoid strain injuries from repeated lifting. It is important for both employers and employees to know how to properly transport heavy objects in order to be in compliance with health and safety regulations. An employee who lifts an object incorrectly can suffer damage to their back or their arms, resulting in loss of wages and productivity.

For example, a beverage driver who would usually use Magliner Hand Trucks needs to transport thousands of pounds of beverages a day. They need to do their job quickly and efficiently in order to be paid. Sometimes safety is sacrificed to get the job done faster. Also, most drivers do not know how to stretch before they lift. They do not have a chance to rest their muscles in between lifts or to take a day or two off in between the work week to rest. Over time, as the muscles are consistently used, they begin to wear and tear. This is known as a repetitive strain injury.

A hand trucks can reduce these types of injuries in the workplace and at home. It is a great tool for moving the heaviest objects in your home, from the washing machine and dryer to the refrigerator. As long as the Harper Nylon 2 wheel hand truck is used properly, it is a durable and stable piece of equipment. Hand trucks come in a variety of metals, but the most lightweight hand trucks are made of aluminum that will not rust or corrode. If treated properly, your aluminum hand trucks should last a long time.

If you are worried about having another bulky object to store in your garage, you need not worry. You can purchase a convertible hand trucks that will fold up so that you can store it flat against the wall or flat on the ground. If the base of the hand truck does not fold up, be sure to push the base under a box or another similar object. With the base trapped, the hand truck will stay in position and you will not need to worry about tripping over it later.

Steel hand trucks are fast, effective and easy tool that makes moving so much easier, whether you are transferring appliances at home or you are a beverage driver who hauls thousands of pounds of product a day. Lifting with a hand truck is safer than lifting with your back. There are many varieties of hand trucks designed to make your job and your life easier.

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