Sunglass Visor clips

Buying the latest sunglasses has really become a passion for many people. When people buy sunglasses they feel it very important to buy the accessories too with the shades. Visor clips are among the accessories that have great demand in the market. These clips can be used with different kinds of sunglasses and they also help you in wearing a variety of shades without the hassle of frames.

Accessories are surely not dear to be bought but the purpose of these accessories is of great worth. In case of visor clips, you can observe that a number of shades can be fit in these clips one by one.

Visor clips are very helpful in keeping the sunglasses safe. You can keep your sunglasses in a small space like car’s dashboard by using these clips. In this way, these clips are very helpful for those who do not remember to take their sunglasses with them at their workplace. Hence, by using these clips they can keep their sunglasses in their cars and this will not occupy much space in the car’s dashboard

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Platform Truck Model PT3060P8S

This steel platform deck size model PT3060P8S is a typical model of platform truck and is easy to use. The main material which its panel is made of is 14 gauge steel, and it is additionally strengthened from underneath with a channel bracing, which secures the stability and sturdiness of this steel platform. It has a handle, which is detachable and is built up by a 1 5/16” O.D. high weight gauge wall tube. This platform features casters, which could be mold on rubber or poly, as well as 8” pneumatic. Furthermore, a tilt wheel configuration for this model could be purchased. The size of the platform panel is 30” width and 60” length.

There are two more shapes available – 24” x 48” and 27” x 54”. It has superb design which minimizes your efforts while using it for transporting even the heaviest loads. You will not regret buying this product, as it will be your perfect supporter in transporting loads at short distances. It possesses all the features which a secure and reliable commercial truck needs. Be one of the first to purchase model BKT86! Your satisfaction is ensured a hundred percent!

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4) Manual Pallet Lift Truck non Telescoping

The Manual Pallet Stacker Lift Truck Non Telescoping is a good buy if one is looking for a high lift model that offers manual operated trucks. This model offers non telescoping manual high lift, which comes with a good one year pump guarantee. The pallet jack is easy and flexible to use. The steering arc has an amazing flexibility and revolves for almost 180 degrees. These also come equipped with loop handles.

These loop handles have hand controls on the inside. There are steering wheels, load wheels and unload wheels. These wheels are made of moldon polyurethane. The fork width of this particular model of the Hydraulic Stacker Lift Truck Non Telescoping is 27 inches, whereas the length is 44.5 inches. The wide forks, which sometimes have a width of almost 6.5 inches have some utility when moving the truck around. There are already installed closed pallets and these must compulsorily placed on the top of the said forks. This is because the legs may scissor down and this needs space. The overall weight capacity of the high lift pallet truck is 2200 lbs, even though it weights only 300 lbs.

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Wayfeerer Sunglasses Making A Second Comeback!!

So everybody knows what wayfarer sunglasses are. Who wouldn’t with movies like The Blues Brothers, Risky Business, or License to Drive. After they were first created in the early 50’s they became very popular. Their popularity carried throughout the 50’s and 60’s. In ’62 or ’63, Roy Orbison started wearing his prescription strength wayfarers after losing his regular eyeglasses on an airplane. Not only did it help build his darker image but it also helped him with his severe stage freight.

Then during the 70’s the demand for wayfarers died out. Nobody wanted them anymore. Then the 80’s hit. All of a sudden wayfarers were everywhere again. Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi kicked of the decade with wearing them in the 1980 movies The Blues Brothers. Between 1982 and 1987, wayfarers could be seen in over 60 different movies and television shows like Risky Business, The Breakfast Club, Miami Vice, and Moonlighting. That doesn’t include the celebrities wearing them for their personal use or musicians for music videos. Musicians like Don Henley talks about wearing wayfarers in his 1984 song “The Boys Of Summer” and Corey Hart wears wayfarers in his video for the song “Sunglasses At Night.” By 1986 sales of wayfarers had reached 1.5 million.

Unfortunately in the 90’s the popularity of wayfarers faded away again. You could see them once in a while but not that often. Now in 2011, after a major redesign in 2001, they are very popular again. Stars like Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart wear them. Drew Barrymore can’t live without hers. So whether you want to look like a celebrity or not, wayfarers seem to be the way to go.

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Steel hand trucks model: 30T16

This continuous handle wesco hand truck is made for easy load control that would be the priority of a potential buyer when obtaining a hand truck. 1/4” high strength steel base plate is used; it has been bevelled by machinery in order enable the edge of the hand truck to slide easier under the load. The corners of this edge have been rounded for safety of the user which shows that the manufactured product is safety conscious. Unlike other hand trucks that provide problems when being manoeuvred, this particular model has been manufactured to enable the user an easier handling while pushing the hand truck.
The stair glides ease property in the equipment which provides smooth handling whether up or down the stairs and even over the curbs is a prove for this user conscious product. The curved steel strap that has been welded on the front and the back of the hand truck allows much convenience for handling cylinder shaped object. ‘Tri-Hole’ axle bracket is used for a choice of 6”, 8” or 10” wheel. Usage of this steel hand truck is to make the users like easier and without trouble for when carrying many items.

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Four Wheel Hydraulic Stacker Lift Truck-Fork Style-Part 2

When the lift is not in use, one can release it with the help of the foot operation. Even though the four wheeler hydraulic stacker lift truck truck is the latest buzz, one can even opt for the two wheel fork lift truck, which has almost the same features. The efficiency varies from model to model and each model of the fork lift trucks offer different specifications and features. The foot operation methodology makes it highly popular and favoured because it ensures easy usability.

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Four Wheel Hydraulic Stacker Lift Truck-Fork Style

The four Wheeler Hydraulic Stacker Lift Truck, which comes in a Fork Style, is hugely popular in the hydraulic lifts markets today. This particular one comes in a fork which is almost 18 inches deep and 3 inches wide. Considering the specifications, the number of areas it can be put to use to is numerous. It can also hold up to 750lbs weight and the height that it can lift is between 40” to 54”, making it a market favourite. Of course the measurements and other specifications will differ based on the model you choose. The fork lift comes with a hydraulic pump lift which can be foot operated and used easily enough.

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Stylish Stoneware Salad Bowl

Are you trying to get off to a healthier start in 2011? One of the best things you can do for yourself is to eat healthier. Now if you’re someone who normally eats a lot of fast foods, it might seem overwhelming. But the best thing you can do is to try to tackle it a little at a time. If you normally eat junk food every day, try to start by cutting back to every other day. Another important thing is to try to eat more veggies and fresh fruits. A salad daily is another big plus, and you can it more appealing by serving it in this lovely Blue Stoneware Salad Bowl.

Everyone should some nice Serving Dishes in their home. Even if you don’t use them all of the time, they come in handy for last minute get-togethers as well as holiday gatherings. Stoneware dishes are wonderful as they are not only very attractive but are quite durable and versatile as well.

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Why Rhinestone Sunglasses Seem To Out Sell the Rest

Rhinestone sunglasses have been popular since the 1940’s and 50’s when movies started to become popular. People used to look at the actresses on the big screens and want to be them. To add to the glitz and glamour of Hollywood the actresses would get the fancy sunglasses with Diamonds on them. The average person can’t afford sunglasses with real diamonds. That’s when rhinestones became popular. Now anyone can have the sparkly look without the cost. Rhinestone sunglasses sell so well because it makes the average person feel just a little bit more special. These make great women’s sunglasses. It makes them feel like they can afford the looks of the rich and famous but at a reasonable cost.

You can help pass on this feeling by selling wholesale rhinestone sunglasses. offers low costs on the most popular styles around. We even have kids’ sunglasses with rhinestones on them. Not all of the rhinestones we use look like diamonds. We also use ones that look like rubies. Some of our Compare to Ed Hardy’s have red rhinestones for the eyes. That means even guys can wear some of the bling as well. Catch a look at all of our wholesale rhinestone sunglasses before they’re gone.

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Blue Ceramic Cookware Set

If you’re trying to live on a budget, one of the best ways to accomplish it is to try eating at home more. Many people don’t seem to realize how much money they spend by stopping by the drive-through on the way home or eating in restaurants on the weekend. With just a bit of creative cooking and the right tools, you can make simple, delicious meals at home that will save you a bundle over time. If you’re looking for cookware that will bring you a lot of value for your money, you can go wrong with dishes like this Blue Ceramic Cookware Set.

You can’t go wrong with a good ceramic bakeware set in your kitchen. This versatile cookware makes cooking a breeze. Dishes are microwave and oven safe. They’re also great for both serving and storing your food, plus clean up is a breeze. The perfect cooking dishes for a busy family.

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The Large Romertopf Clay Baker

With the New Year, many people start thinking about a healthier lifestyle. Some end up joining a gym, others trying eating healthier. If you’re trying to eat healthy, it’s not just the foods you eat to consider, but how they are prepared. One important way to get healthier is to avoid saturated fats. Instead of frying your food, try baking or broiling instead. A great dish for making a nutritious meal in is the Large Romertopf Clay Baker 113.

Romertopf Clay Bakers are an excellent way to prepare your favorite dishes. Instead of adding fats or oils to your food, you simply soak the cookware in water for 15-20 minutes prior cooking. The results speak for themselves – moist, satisfying, healthy meals easily prepared in your oven. The cookware is so attractive, you can even use the pot for a serving dish.

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The Best U-Boat Cart

If you’re looking for a cart that is well-built and efficient, the Wesco Brand U-Boat Cart one comes highly
recommended. It is quite durable and sturdy. This truck will perform again and again, and will never fail to meet your standard or the industry standard. If you’re looking for a highly user-friendly truck, this one is it. This is a great hand truck for either new or experienced employees. It’s ease of use allows virtually everyone to steer it! For those who are thinking about getting a hand truck, they should consider this one – it’s quite durable and it is fun to use.

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Going To the Ski Slopes with My New Goggles

I like to stay on top of the latest fashions, even when I’m going to be hitting the slopes. I’ve found the coolest looking new discount goggles. They come in multiple lens colors and have flames on the straps. Now no matter what snow suit I wear I’ll look hot. I can even coordinate to match my skis or snow board. The website I found them on,, has many other styles to choose from as well. I think these would even be great for riding motorcycles, or riding quads on the dunes. They are perfect for keeping the sand out of my eyes. The foam cushions make them very comfortable to wear for hours. I love the fact that I can get a dozen for the price of what 1 pair would cost at a motorcycle shop. is the manufacturer of their sunglasses. That’s how they are able to keep the prices so low. I’ve thought about getting a couple extra dozen and selling them to fellow skiers, snow boarders, motorcyclists, or quad riders. You should check out all of their wholesale goggles today.

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Great Hand Truck for The Price

This best seller is perhaps one of the best in the industry.It is the Magna cart truck available in walmart or costco, sears and other retail stores. It’s cheap, it’s durable, and affordable. This is great for small businesses (or big businesses) that need a hand truck but don’t have a lot of money to fork over for one. Some hand trucks can cost as much as five hundred dollars, this hand truck ranges anywhere from $40-$50. If you’re interested in a hand truck that will help
eliminate the need for carrying things, this hand truck could just answer your call.

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Wholesale Sunglasses A Great Way To Save Some

People have never thought about buying wholesale, many times we are stuck in a routine of paying retail prices for everything and never think we can get rock bottom prices on things. We’ll things are different now with the internet. We can all shop around and find great deals and this is very true for sunglasses. A normal pair of sunglasses will retail for around $10 and name brand designer ones for hundreds. If you are not into the name brand thing then do a google search for wholesale sunglasses this will bring up many great suppliers. Did you know you can find replica sunglasses prices from around $10 for a dozen.

Yes this is right twelve pair for around $10 and up. Many of these wholesalers are suppliers of stores and can offer you the same great deals. If you are a business person this might make since opening up a business selling them or even adding them to an existing business you might already have. If you are into sunglasses you may enjoy the polarized styles these are very good at blocking out the glare. Many people have reported polarized sunglasses work so much better than regular ones. When snow skiing or driving the glare can really get to one. We suggest looking around and find some great deals with these tips.

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Area Rugs To Keep In The Family

These rugs are a wonderful addition to any home and they can immediately transform a home into a warm and comforting place to be. If you do find an antique one to have in your home, make sure you look after it and pass it down in the family. It can only grow in value and may be worth a small fortune later on in its life.

The mass produced ones are cheaper and easier to find (Mohawk Select Rug; Freestyle), the handmade ones can be just as easy to find but they are extremely expensive in most places that stock them. The handmade versions are much better for passing down in generations and making a centerpiece out of. The mass produced ones are great for adding that little bit of culture to your home at the fraction of the cost of the handmade or antique ones. The Jute Hand-knotted All Natural Tan Stripe Rug is inexpensive but since it’s hand knotted, it is not mass produced and a nice selection for the right home decor.

You can find a place for them anywhere in your home, but they are better displayed somewhere where people can appreciate them and their value. The Blues And Grays Hand Tufted Rug is very stylish and looks nice and should be shown off in your home. Don’t be tempted to hide them away in rooms where no one goes. The beauty of these rugs need to be displayed whether they are antique or not.

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Hand Truck Wheel Types-Part 3

These hand truck wheel types can now be mixed and matched, and different combinations emerge. One such combination involves polyolefin plastic used for the wheel’s hub added to a mold-on hand truck wheel. The plastic hub, in contrast to the cast iron hub, makes the wheels much lighter and reduces the weight of the cart. Although it does not improve the carrying capacity of the wheels, the polyolefin hub is more affordable than the cast iron version.
When you are building your own Magliner hand trucks, you may have to choose between carrying capacity and cost. You also have to consider that higher the carrying capacity of the tire, the less flexibility it will have. There are so many options available that you can finally own a hand truck that is tailor-made for you.

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This Hand Truck Really Sucks

Many hand truck operators will actually visibly blanche at the mere mention of the CSHT-500 model
of hand truck and with little wonder. Clocking in at a staggering 69 lbs, this is one of the heaviest models of
electric hand trucks around and this poses particular concerns for operators who maybe required to attempt to
transport the CSHT-500 upstairs. Not only is the CSHT-500 a very heavy model, it is also a model of hand truck that has something of an awkward design and so it is nigh on impossible to get a decent grip with the CSHT-500.

Combining its excess weight with a very angular body, this makes it extremely cumbersome and awkward even try and steer. However, these issues pale in comparison to the fact that despite the fact that the CSHT-500 happens to weigh twice as much as the average hand truck, the powered stair climbing hand truck does not carry a great deal more cargo than its more lightweight counterparts. With that in mind then, you may want to opt for a smaller, lighter model. As it stands, the only thing the CSHT-500 is good for is punishment.

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Hand Trucks-New or Used?

Before you decide, identify your current needs. Are you operating a small business or are you buying a hand truck for your home? Take into consideration the weight of the load. All standard hand trucks can carry 500 pounds of load. If you are operating a small business that loads boxes, you may need a brand new hand truck. Used hand trucks may not last long anymore and you cannot risk the safety of your truck operators. For a simple home operation, a used hand truck will do because you will not use it everyday anyway. Besides, it is cheaper and will save you a lot.

Always remember to consider what the hand truck is made of. Metal is still your best option as this is the sturdiest of all. Some products may boast of lightweight material such as aluminum but these are not trustworthy products. Metal alloys are good options, too. Always weigh the price and consider second hand.

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Hand-Knotted Or Machine Made Mohawk Rugs?

Oriental rugs are considered to be works of art, especially when they are antique and original. They have such a rich and varied history; these rugs are commonly referred to as the king of carpets. The rugs may not be as embellished in stories like they used to be. They don’t fly through the air and they are not magic. However, they do perform magic in the home that they are placed in. This is far different than the machine made Mohawk Rugs. The price will tell a large difference in what rugs you are shopping for.

The term oriental rugs usually describes hand knotted rugs and woven in Countries and areas in the East. Over time, the best makes of these stunning works of art came from Turkey, Persia, Nepal, China, India and many other places.

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Moving Companies Insurance

A good moving company will have insurance that will cover any damages occurring during the move. They have all the necessary equipment for engineering a move, including hand trucks to move boxes quickly in and out, boxes, and tools for disassembling furniture. Pick the wrong moving company, however, and you may end up with boxes full of broken antiques and a lost security deposit.
When it comes to budgeting a move, sometimes the options that seem like cheaper alternatives can end up costing you money. A good moving company is better than a cheap moving company because they will cover the damage of anything they break. Hiring a reputable moving company is sometimes preferable to attempting to move on your own. When deciding to go with a cheaper option, you have to keep in mind not only the financial cost but the extra time and effort on your part.

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Helpful Hints for Planning a Move-Part 2

As you begin to shift your items and assess the move, you may notice that your furniture is dusty and in need of some polish. It is not a good idea to polish furniture before a move, even if the move is a whole week away. Polishes, waxes and oils soak into the surface of the furniture and leave the wood softer and more malleable. Soft wood is less forgiving if you happen to bump an edge and leave a mark. Protect your furniture using  and leave the dust bunnies where they lie and by using padded hand carts .

You will have to remember in advance to unplug your “hot” items. Hot items are certain electronics like television sets and desk computers and they retain heat for hours after they are unplugged. These items should be unplugged for a day before they are packed up so that the heat can escape completely. The heat can cause damage to the internal structures of electronics and the effect is made worse in an enclosed space. You may have to go without television a day before the move but you will be too busy to watch anyway.

Speaking of electronics, try to pack them in the boxes they came with. If those are long gone, you will need to find a box that your electronics can fit into snugly. Do not fill the spaces in the box with foam peanuts. Foam peanuts can generate plenty of static electricity and friction, which will damage your electronics.

Use newspaper to stuff your boxes, but remember that the ink rubs off. Certain items like ceramics and lampshades take on newsprint quite easily and the ink is nearly impossible to remove. Fragile items and dishes should never be packed with newspaper because the ink will transfer and you will end up washing all of your dishes.

Above all, use common sense when packing up your items. Common sense is often forgotten because it is so simple but the consequences can be quite frustrating.

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Helpful Hints for Planning a Move-Part 1

Keeping well-informed will help you transition smoothly and reduce your stress. There are a few hints and tips available that you should keep in mind while you’re tackling the planning process of the move. As they say, the devil is in the details and sometimes the details of a move can cause problems if they are not planned correctly.
One particular inconvenience that can trip you up involves logistics. If you do not consider ahead of time where the moving truck should be parked, you might end up delaying your move. If possible, keep a place open as close to your residence as possible and instruct your movers to park there. The farther the movers have to drag your items, the longer it will take to complete the move. Not only will you fall behind in your schedule, but you will also end up paying the workers more money. Such a simple consideration can cost you time, money and plenty of aggravation.
To speed up your move and to prevent injury, purchase or rent a hand truck. Even if you have hired movers, there may be some items you want to move ahead of time to the new residence. The items that you do not want to entrust to the movers can be transported with a hand truck separately from the rest of the load.

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Hand Truck Wheel Types-2

Cast iron hub mold-on rubber hand truck wheels are exactly what their name implies. Cast iron hubs are one of the strongest available and the rubber wheels have very little tread. These hand truck wheels are designed to take on heavy loads of 900 pounds or more. However, the lack of tread and the high carrying capacity mean that these wheels are not safe for hand trucks to use outside of a warehouse or an area with a smooth flat surface.
Phenolic resin hand trucks wheels are not meant to be used on your standard two-wheel hand truck. If you are building a hand truck with multiple wheels, these will do, but for the most part they are used platform style carts. These wheels have a plastic coating that is inflexible and that makes for a rougher ride overall. Phenolic resin wheels are meant to be very tough and rigid because it increases the carrying capacity to around a thousand pounds.
Convertible Hand trucks wheels made from solid polyolefin are used in tough situations not involving large bumps or rocky roads. They are good for getting a load across a wet floor, or even over corrosive material. Polyolefin is simply a plastic polymer that can handle higher temperatures and that is resistant to liquids. If you need to get a load over an oil spill, polyolefin hand truck wheels are the way to go.

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Hand Truck-Wheel Types-1

In this article we continue to build on our list of hand truck wheel types. The terminology can sometimes be overwhelming, but if you really look into it and break it down, it becomes far less daunting. These technical terms are used to describe hand truck wheels in catalogues as well, so it is useful to know them so that you will know exactly what you are buying.
The balloon cushion hand truck wheel offers a smoother ride on a rounder rubber wheel. The balloon shape accommodates a larger carrying capacity. Unlike a real balloon, this hand truck tire is highly flexible under pressure, so it will not stay firm and round. It will flatten under the weight and bounce back to its original shape once the load is removed. The shape is designed to minimize friction; a rounder wheel is easier to turn under heavy weight.

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